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Marton: *I walk down the halls to Lawrence's office, uncertain of how he's going to react to Harry's idea. I know I still need to talk to him though, because ultimately, it's up to him whether or not he thinks I'm well enough to try this. I pause in front of the door and knock softly*

Lawrence: *I'm sitting behind my desk, playing with my slinky as I read over some paperwork when I hear the knock on my door.* Come in!

Marton: *I open the door and step in, still a little nervous* Hey Lawrence...I know I'm not schedualed for another few days, but I was wondering if we could talk.

Lawrence: *I smile at him and gesture to one of the chairs* Sure, that is what I am here for. Is there something in particular you wanted to talk about?

Marton: *I take a seat* Yeah, actually. See...I really want to go home soon...and I think I might be ready to, but I'm not certain. I was talking to Harry a few days ago, and he had said before he left here for the last time a few of the orderlies took him out to one of his old haunts to see how he would deal with things...see if he was ready...and, well, I was wondering if you thought that that might be a good idea for me?

Lawrence: *I put the slinky down as I listen, wanting Marton to have my undivided attention since he came in here to talk. As he talks I remember how hard it was on me when I started going back to my own haunts* How do you feel about going back to these places? You are eventually going to have to go to these places on your own, but if you feel confident about going, it might be easier if you go with someone or in a group of people you trust.

Marton: *I sigh softly* I want to go home...and I think I'm nearly well enough to, but when Harry asked me what I would do if someone offered me something...I don't know what I would do...

Lawrence: *I nod* I would definitely want you sure of what you would do if someone offered you something. This might sound a little ridiculous but if you are comfortable with it, we could see about roleplaying out a scene where you would be approached by someone acting as a dealer.

Marton: *I give Lawrence an odd look* But that's not real...that's why Harry suggested maybe himself and a couple of the if you wanted to come and see how it went even, to one of the clubs where I used to play...drugs are pretty common there...

Lawrence: No, it is not real, but it would give us a chance to see how you would react and to help you through it before you do go out.

Marton: How would that really show how I would react though? If it's not real...*I shrug a little*

Lawrence: But if you can say no to us, why could you not say 'no' to them?

Marton: But I know that you don't have any drugs, that it's not really real...out there though...

Lawrence: *smiles* It is just an idea, some people find it helpful to act it out first before they start returning to their previous haunts.

Marton: Oh...I don't know if it would help me

Lawrence: It's an option if you need it. Is there something in particular you would like to try before you go?

Marton: I don't know...*I shrug a little, then look over at you* you think I'm doing well enough that it would be ok for me to try going to one of my old haunts?

Lawrence: I think you are doing well enough, but I would feel a lot more comfortable if you were confident about being able to say no if you were approached.

Marton: *sighing* I wish I could be confident as well...but I honestly don't know how I would react. I don't want to go back to using the drugs, I know how horrible they are, and I know I've done stupid shit while high.

Lawrence: *I remember what it was like for me, going back the first time* Half the battle is not wanting to go back. If someone did approach you, would you say yes?

Marton: I don't think I would.

Lawrence: What if saying yes meant you could not go home, would you say it then?

Lawrence: Sometimes we only need one thing to remind us of why we should say no. *I remember that all too well*

Marton: *I nod a little* Harry was able to say no because of Brad. I...I think not being able to go home would help me to say no.

Lawrence: *I smile* If you can say no, and you can keep saying no then you will get out of here. You could create a list of all the things that you could do when you get home and memorize that list of things so when someone approaches you, you can remember all those things and say no.

Marton: That's a good idea.

Lawrence: And if you want, you could show it to Harry and he could add some things to the list.

Marton: *I nod* Thank you Lawrence, this has been really helpful for me today.

Lawrence: Your welcome. If you want or need to talk before you go, the door is always open.

Marton: *I nod* Thank you again. I think I'm going to head back to my room for a little bit before lunch.

Lawrence: *I smile* Alright, I will see you later this week.

Marton: Yeah, and thank you again.

Lawrence: *laughs* You are welcome.

Marton: *I nod a little, and get up, leaving your office feeling a good deal better than I did when I arrived*
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