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the_fellowship's Journal

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This is an au rps community set in LA. (Idea very very very loosely based on the film 28 Days)

Sometimes when life gets too hard there are options people take to try and cope. Drink and drugs are just two of them. These, however, normally make lives worse and this rpg is about the road to recovery, from rehab to coping with the friends and family who may or may not have stuck by you through the bad times.

This rpg will start as the 'addict' characters go into rehab. Most won't have met before this moment. Friends/family/lovers can visit and call them. Then, after a few weeks, or even months, they’ll start leaving rehab to try and cope with the outside world again. The rehab center will always be a part of the rpg as they'll still go to counselling and group therapy there after they leave.

We're always looking for new people to join. As addicts, counselors, support workers, friends and family of the addicts.

Although the characters will mostly be the actors from LOTRs, the film doesn't exist in this world. This means you will also need to think hard about your characters personality and history because it doesn't have to be the same as the actors. Your characters, however, can BE actors.

If you're interested in joining please read the rules here

then e-mail us with the info we need, details here

Characters taken -

Sean Bean
Orlando Bloom
Billy Boyd
Marton Csokas
Lawrence Makoare
Viggo Mortensen
Miranda Otto
Craig Parker
Andre Schneider
Harry Sinclair
Liv Tyler
Karl Urban
Hugo Weaving

Elijah Wood - Journal/Character up for adoption.

Cate Blanchett - Now available
Dominic Monaghan - Now available
David Wenham - Now available

The fan art of which this icon was made from was created by Bluespirit www.blue-spirit.co.uk Go check out the site, the fan art especially is amazing. Many thanks for letting us use it.

Disclaimer: We do not own these characters and are not the real people themselves. This is an RPS. A work of fiction. We as the players are not making any claims on the real life sexuality or preferences of anyone mentioned in this game.