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Sean Bean

Hugo: *feels really odd at the moment. He had no sleep last night. He was so obsessed to reading that he just could not left those books away. After reading all the books he decided to call Bean to help him*

Bean: *gets paged to detox, makes his way down and into the detox, opening the door to the room and looking in* Hugo? *concerned*

Hugo: *tries to stand up, but can not do it. Leans to the wall and almost fell down*

Hugo: hi there... I have read these books, could i get some more?

Bean: *moves inside and helps you sit back down* I can certainly get you some more.

Hugo: thanks... It was really funny to read those romantic novel... never really read them before *smirks*

Bean: *soft chuckle* Mirry likes them, I think. I'm not sure how some of them come to me. I'm sure the nurses are part of that. They sometimes give me books they don't want anymore for patients to read

Hugo: *laughs* well, them were really amusing to read indeed

Bean: *smiles* Shall I get you some more then? Anything or a type of book?

Hugo: well, no romantic ones for a moment... maybe some historical novels and horror? *looks really exhausted at the moment*

Bean: Right, avoid the romance novels. I might have some Stephen King.

Hugo: wow... I love them... Is it normal by the way that you don't want to eat at all?

Bean: Sometimes. Do you feel nauseous?

Hugo: a bit...

Bean: *nods* It might help if you sucked on something instead of actually eating. Would you like me to bring you something?

Hugo: hmm... do you have polka gries here? or strawberry lollipops? '*looks little more awaken*

Bean: Polka gries?

Hugo: those red and white lollipops with mint taste?

Bean: *bites his lip as he thinks* I can see what I can find. There's a candy store in town that might have them. I'll give them a call when I get upstairs.

Hugo: ok, that would be really nice thing to do

Hugo: *makes a little smile on his face for a moment*

Bean: *smiles back* All right. *takes the bag of books* I'll go get you some more books and call the candy store. Would you like something to drink while I'm gone?

Hugo: I'm ok... i have still little juice left *his hands are starting to shake again and he is trying to hide it*

Bean: *slight smile* All right. I'll be back in a few minutes, just hang in there.

Hugo: ok... thanks *ties his arm around his chest and looks like vulnerable little boy*

Bean: *reaches over and pats your shoulder gently* Hang in there. *leaves to get more books and call the store

Hugo: *ties his arm around his knees and puts his head down* *shakes little*

Bean: *heads upstairs as fast as he can, telling the nurses to call the candy store and put it through to his room.*

Hugo: *start to hum one song he used to sing in one play*

Bean: *empties the bag on top of Mirry's skirt from yesterday, picking up the cordless and starts scanning the book titles for horror and history*

Hugo: *sings* from the code of common sense I'm free, too bad you are not here to partake my strange horror...

Bean: *shoves books into the bag, speaking to the man at the store and asking for strawberry lollis and polka gries if he can get them, assured that a bag will be sent over immediately of what he can that's as close to those things as possible, hangs up and heads back down*

Bean: *pauses, heads back to the stash pile and pulls out a bag of strawberry candy to tied Hugo over until the others get here, and goes back to detox, knocking lightly on the door*

Hugo: *takes little pause to remember who did that song continues*

Hugo: come on in *says singing*

Bean: *enters the room* I called the candy store. They're sending over a bag with things as close to what you asked for, if they don't have any. And he'll put in an order to get you through.

Hugo: wow... never expected to get this good service here *smirks*

Bean: *grins* Well, they say if it can be had, I'll get it. I brought you more books and some strawberry candy to tide you over.

Hugo: *takes eagerly one candy and puts it into his mouth* hmm... this taste heavenly...*drools*

Bean: *soft chuckle* They're not terribly nutritious, but it will help with the hunger pains.

Hugo: i know... i have been in candy strike for years...otherwise i would not eat anything else... that's why this tastes so heavenly

Bean: Candy strike? What for?

Hugo: If I would eat candy, i would had not eat anything else... polka's were my favorites, just like white chocolate and strawberries

Bean: *sitting next to you carefully* If I had my way, I'd eat nothing but cheesy doodles, pie, and coffee...

Hugo: coffee? I never really liked it... I used to drink it ages ago because everyone lese was doing it too...but not anymore

Hugo: I almost hate the taste... *shakes*

Hugo: *start to shake really badly *

Bean: *gently wraps an arm around your shoulders in support* Well, I'm old you know. *slight smile*

Hugo: hmm... I'm old too...sometimes i feel like an ancient... person who won't die but ages still...

Bean: Why do you feel ancient?

Hugo: sometimes other people just feel much younger than i

Bean: In any particular way?

Hugo: sometimes they have so childish and sometimes they have better, much better physical condition

Bean: Physical condition isn't everything. I played footie and I'm still in terrible shape. Though, I suppose if I quit smoking that might help.

Hugo: I don't smoke anymore... it almost took my voice. I better start to do something after i get out of here...

Bean: Start to do something?

Hugo: for my physical condition

Hugo: like jogging or dancing or...

Bean: *soft chuckle* Well you can...

Hugo: I have always wanted to do boxing

Hugo: *looks dreaming*

Bean: Boxing? Like professional?

Hugo: not professional... well all self-defense things have been close to my heard... maybe i'll take lessons soon

Bean: You certainly could. I've never done boxing. I just did footie.

Hugo: like those kung fu-heroes... I wish i could do some day those things *sigh*

Bean: Martial arts? That would be interesting.

Hugo: yup...martial arts
Hugo: *nods and it seems like he has really cold, shaking and pale*

Bean: *moves off the bed and eases you down, covering you with a blanket* Ease, you need some rest. I've brought books, but you need to close your eyes and rest. The nurses will bring you the candy when it gets here.

Hugo: *sucks still the candy, enjoying its taste* I'm not least i think so... can not feel anything at the moment...

Bean: *tucks the blanket around you* You're body is stressed.

Hugo: maybe...maybe... *sigh*

Bean: It is. You're not sleeping and you're coming off drugs. It's stressed and trying to tell you to calm down, to relax and rest if possible.

Hugo: ok...if you say so... *looks like his eyes start to feel heavier and heavier*

Bean: *gently smoothing back hair* That's it. Just rest. When you wake up your candy will be here..

Hugo: oh, polka...have not eat it in looong time *smiles happily*

Bean: *smiles gently* Yeah. Why don't you rest...dream of polka and strawberry lollis....

Hugo: *closes his eyes and smiles like a child*

Bean: *continues to brush your hair back, giving you a chance to relax and sleep*

Hugo: *says with sleepy voice* hmm...that feels good... No-one have not done that for ages

Bean: *continues* well, I stay here for a little while then...

Hugo: thanks pal *falls to dreamland. Still shakes little time to time*

Bean: *stays awhile, stroking your hair back, letting you rest if it helps*

Hugo: *looks like little child while sleeping*
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