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The Detox

Bean: *I get back from physical therepy only to be handed a folder of a new patient with my usual little information. (not done yet)

Bean: *I get pointed to the socail room and make my way to it, leaning on my cane and looking in*
demonoushugo: *is sitting on the sofa and crying on the commonroom*

Bean: *I clear my throat* Hugo?

Hugo: *raises his reddish eyes toward the soun^* yes?

Bean: *moves a bit further in* I'm Sean. I'm the support worker. I was at physical thereapy, but I'm the welcome wagon.

Councelor: *I follow Sean quietly into the social room but wait by the door, in case I'm not needed*

Bean: *I hear a sound and pretend to look at the bags and give Lawrence a sign of acklowdegment that I know he's there before turning back*

Hugo: *looks sadly another man* oh, I thought already that i'm alone here

Bean: No, not alone. Unfortunetly I cna't leave PT until I'm finished, so I couldn't make it sooner.

Hugo: *stands up and walsk slowly toward men*

Hugo: oh, that's ok...

Councelor: *smiles reassuringly at Hugo*

Bean: *remains relaxed as possible* This is Lawrence. He's one of our counselors.

Hugo: hi there *waves hand little*

Councelor: *waves back* Hi. I will actually be your counselor when you are ready.

Hugo: ok... I'll try to remember that

Hugo: *sigh*

Bean: *gently* Are you ready? We'll have to put you in detox first. Until you clean out.

Hugo: ok... i guess... *walks to get his bags and lift them to his shoulders*

Hugo: *follows men*

Bean: *starts to guide him down towards detox and the little 'hospital' at the other end of the wing.* I'll come by and see you on occassion, see how your doing. If you need anything from outside, you jsut tell me.

Councelor: *walking to the side* And I will come by if you want me too.

Hugo: ok... does that thing have any side-effects? like shaking or dizzyness?

Bean: Detox? IT depends on what you're one to your side effects.

Hugo: that would be nice... i don't have any idea what to excpect

Bean: *looks slightly at Lawrence, who would have a more complete file than me to see if he knows what Hugo was on*

Hugo: *walks apathetic beside men*

Councelor: You will have some withdrawal side effects from the ecstasy, extreme mood swings, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, sleeplessness and in rare cases some hallucinations.

Bean: *winces, remebers Harry* Flashbacks.

Hugo: ok... I guess i can handle those...

Hugo: *seems to be kinda on ther wolrd at the moment, looking aimessly around*

Councelor: *nods* We will try to make you as comfortable as possible.

Bean: *makes a mental note to speak to Harry* I'll stop by every once in awhile. I try and bring things to help people deal with the withdraw.

Hugo: ok... only that sleeplessness might be difficult...

Bean: Well, you'll have trouble sleeping, but if you stay awake too long your body will force you to sleep at least for an hour or two.

Hugo: i have noticed that already earlier

Councelor: *nods* And there is no guarantee that you will be sleepless, that is just one possible symptom.

Hugo: ok... we'll see what happens *nods*

Bean: Well, one of our long tiem patients, turned couselor used some very hard halloucegens. I recall long nights spent sitting with him and listening to him talk.

Hugo: hmm... I just hope i won't start to remeber my former lines from the plays or anything like that

Bean: If you need to, I live up on the second floor. IF you want to talk, you can have the nurses ring me. I'm not a councelor. *holds up his file to show how thin it is*

Hugo: ok...i'll remember that... i just wisht to get uout here as soon as porrible

Councelor: *smiles* And I can come by, but chances are you will not see me until you are out.

Councelor: Sean is good at what he does.

Hugo: ok *nods*

Bean: *slight smile* I jsut listen to people. I prefer to start out knowing nothing except what you want to tell me. And I never tell the counselors anything unless I feel it's a danger to you.

Hugo: ok, good to hear

Bean: *smiles* I find it easier for patients to sometimes talk to people who aren't going to analize them.

Hugo: i can imagine that...

Councelor: *grins*

Bean: I also serve as an occassioanl punching bag. *wry grin*

Hugo: *smirks little* well, i assume i won't need that

Bean: I hope not. But if it makes you feel better. My girlfriend hit me when she first came here.

Hugo: *smiles* i won't be hitting or hitting on you...so be relaxed

Councelor: *stays behind a little, letting them talk, since I know how important it is for Hugo to be relaxed and able to talk to Sean*

Bean: I'm just assuring you that it's not abnormal. And if you need something to help the cravings, liek hard candy or something, just let me know and I'll get it.

Hugo: ok... i'll tell you if i need any

Bean: *nodding slightly* Detox won't be fun. But with lucky you'll be out in a week. But that is up to the nurses and doctor. Then we'll get you a room.

Hugo: ok...let's do it then ...

Bean: *nodding slightly* All right. You'll have to leave your things with the nurse. You can't have them in detox, to be safe.

Hugo: ok... *drops bags to the floor*

Bean: *motions to the nurse in the infirmary and she goes to open one of the detox rooms, I gently guide Hugo down to it* It's not much...

Hugo: well... here I go *sigh* let's do it

Hugo: *steps inside the room*

Bean: *moves inside as well and looking at the small bed, and toilet and sink...not much better than prison*

Hugo: *sits onthe bed* so... do what you have to do...

Councelor: *I stay outside, waiting for Hugo to get settled in*

Bean: *even though my knee protests, I kneel down, the brace making a warning sound* You sit here. Wait for the drugs to flush out. I can bring you a few things to pass the time but...

Hugo: ok... could you bring me some books...any book will be good...

Hugo: *feels little more confortable*

Bean: *nodding* I'll bring you down a nice stack of books. Anything else at this point?

Hugo: could i have some applejuice? Is taht too much to ask?

Bean: *shaking my head* Not at all. Ask for whatever you need and so long as it's not against the rules, I'll get it for you.

Councelor: *from the doorway* I can get it

Bean: *nods a bit* Good idea. The canteen should have some in the ice box.

Councelor: *nods* I will be right back. *walks down the hall towards the canteen*

Hugo: cood... I believe that'll do for a while at least

Hugo: *smiles*

Bean: *nodding a bit* All right. The nurse is going to close teh door behind me. However I'll go get the books and bring them back to you. Lawrence will probably get back before me.

Hugo: ok... If you need me , you know where to find me *tries to joke*

Bean: *slight grin* Yes. *pats your hands gently* I'll be back in a few minutes.

Hugo: ok

Hugo: i'll be waiting

Hugo: *lies down to the bed*

Bean: *gets up with difficulty and leaves the room, wincing as the nurse closes the door. I've always hated that sound. I go upstairs to get some books*

Councelor: *I come back down the hallway, carrying one of those juice boxes of apple juice for Hugo and knock quietly on his door* Hugo? May I come in?

Hugo: *humms little some song and thinks all kind of things*

Hugo: *heard knocking on the doors* oh, come on in

Bean: *gathers some books into a canvas bag from teh selctions avaliable and takes them back down*

Councelor: *I open up the door quietly and slip in* Your apple juice *holds the box out to you*

Hugo: *stands up and takes the juice* tnx a lot

Councelor: Your welcome. Do you want me to stay until Sean gets back?

Bean: *Is way behind Lawrence, pausing to rest my knee before continuing*

Hugo: bean,is there sometihng wrong in your knee?

Hugo: it is yous choise

Bean: *comes back to the infirmery and detox, heading slowly down to the room, coming in and leaning against the door* Books. *holds out the canvas bag, a bit out of breath*

Hugo: *takes the books and smiles* thank you...

Bean: *nodding a bit* It should do for awhile. And I'll check in on you. And you can give me a ring.

Hugo: ok... i'll remeber that

Councelor: *looks over, concerned with Sean*

Hugo: *sigh and sits back to the bed taking the firts book*

Bean: The nurses can get you food and drink. Just ask them. *trying to ease out without letting him think he's being abandoned*

Bean: If you have any questions, you can ask them or have them call me.

Hugo: ok... sounds good...

Bean: All right. Good night, for now.

Councelor: *smiles at Hugo* Do not hesitate to let us know if you need anything

Hugo: ok... thanx for the juice and books

Councelor: Your welcome

Hugo: *seems still little confused*

Hugo: *opnes the first page from the book*

Councelor: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Hugo: not at the moment... *thinks still why his boss send him here... he was not accited ... no way...no*

Councelor: Alright, I will see you later. *gives him one last smile before slipping out the door*

Hugo: see ya

Hugo: *starts to read books*

Hugo: *reads the book thinking reasons why he is here*

Bean: *leans agaisnt the wall outside and closing my eyes against the pain in my knee...bending down was a bad idea for my knee*

Hugo: *thinks about the people he have already met here and thinksthay are really nice...sometimes too nice*
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