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still little confused what's going on

Hugo: *walks with two little and really dirty bags toward commonroom Wondering where everyone is*

Hugo: *feels really stupid being here*

Marton: *I'm waiting for my next appointment with Lawrence in the common room. Not feeling up to doing too much at the moment I'm sitting in front of the piano, just bandying about a few ideas for a song*

Hugo: *hears some music and he feels to need ro find out the sourge*

Hugo: *enters the room and stops by the door*

Hugo: *starts to humm little*

Marton: *I stop playing and look up, a little startled to hear someone humming. The man standing by the door isn't someone I recognise at all* Hey...I haven't seen you before...

Hugo: *smiles little* well, I just arrived here. I was kinda waiting some kind of welcome comitee, but hearing your playing was nicer

Hugo: *leafs bags near the door and walks toward*

Marton: *small smile* Not that good at piano, but it's passable.

Hugo: oh, that sounded really good for me, by the way, i'm Hugo *shakes hand*

Marton: I'm Marton, *I shake his hand, a little surprised by how friendly he seems to be*

Hugo: hmm... just try to find out that the hell i'm doing here... are you part of staff? *looks little confused*

Marton: No...I'm an inmate...er...patient. I've been here for a while now.

Hugo: oh... nice to meet you anyway... are ypu the only one here? and here in hell my room is?

Marton: No...there are quite a few other people...some are probably in their rooms, and I think some people are outside in the garden...I don't have a clue where your room would be...

Hugo: damn... Well, just have to wait somebody with more info then ... And it would be nice to know where am I anyway. My boss just said that he'll send me to a place where i can relax

Marton: Oh? What do you do?

Hugo: I'm an actor... In one indietheatre over La

Marton: That's cooll

Marton: (cool, even)

Hugo: yes, i like it too... I have even graduated from NIDA *seem to brag little*

Marton: NIDA? What's that?

Hugo: National Institute of Dramatic Art , I studied in Australia

Hugo: one of the most respected institut in whole world

Marton: Ahh, *I nod a little* that explains the accent...one of the counselors here is from New Zealand...and a few other staff are from England.

Hugo: oh, cool.. i have also lived in England a while.

Hugo: so... what to do here...any suggestions? *sounds little bored already*

Marton: *chuckling softly* Not really. Try talking to the nurses station...I can't believe no one would have been there to meet you...not like this place at all.

Hugo: ok... well, still here am i and i don't have any clue what to do here rtc

Marton: (rtc?)

Hugo: (??)

Marton: (your last messge...[14:28]
Hugo: ok... well, still here am i and i don't have any clue what to do here rtc)

Hugo: ((etc ment to say))

Marton: (ahh)(

Marton: *shrugging a little* I don't have a clue. I didn't see anyone except for a few of the counselors and orderlies for about my first month here. They tossed me into detox first thing.

Hugo: detox, what's that? some kind of drug?

Hugo: i'm not very familiar these 'medical' drugs... *is looking the room carefully and nervous*

Marton: No, detox...basically solitary confinement until you get all the drugs out of your system and where you get to go through the worst of the withdrawal.

Hugo: until i get out of grugs you said? *cursing and anger* Oh, that's why they send me there... *lot more cursing*

Marton: *shifting back a little at his angry response. I've seen how bad some of the new people can be, and I have no desire to be hit*

Hugo: *still cursing but now not so eager as before. Sits the nearest chair and collapses* why they did this to me... why why why...

Marton: Because you're addicted to something?

Hugo: I'm not addicted... i'm not... addicted...

Hugo: I use that shit only time to time... why oh why ... *cryes*

Marton: That's what I said, *I murmur softly* I think that's what everone says.

Hugo: well... I quess that I just have to stay here for a while... I believe that there no turning back to work 'till they believe i'm ok *sigh*

Marton: What's you drug of choice?

Hugo: you mean what i used?

Marton: Yeah.

Hugo: well... ectasy and LSD... not any crab like heroin etc

Marton: Ahh, I never did ecstasy or LSD.

Hugo: oh... i think they were the best
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