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Bean: *I move down to the lower hall, following the smell of wet paint. I pause and make sure to let my cane make noise on the floor to warn her.*

Liv: *hears a clacking noise coming down the hall, and stops curious. I peer over my shoulder to see you making your way towards me* Sean!

Bean: *slight smile* Hello, Liv. I thought I'd stop by and see if you needed anything.

Liv: *gives you a broad smile* Oh, great! I actually do need a couple of things, if that's okay?

Bean: *I nod* Absolutely. What can I get for you?

Liv: *I search around for my list of needed items, finally finding it and hands it to you.* Just the usual... I need some more paint and more pencils. I've marked the colors and kinds I need. Oh... Um... can you get me some cheesy doodles?

Bean: *soft chuckle* Sure, I'll get you some cheesy doodles. *paper clipping the list to my stack of lists, scribbling cheesy doodles on the bottom* Is that all?

Liv: Umm... Yeah, I can't think of anything else. *smiling and turns to the wall* What do you think?

Bean: *looks up at it* Ah! Beautiful! Let me guess......water?

Liv: *giggles* For now... but you missed the entire beach scene down there... *pointing down the hall*

Bean: *looks down the hall* Lovely! Are you going to add star fish?

Liv: I'm going to add starfish and seagulls and whatever else belongs. No sharks, though.

Bean: Jellyfish?

Liv: mmm... maybe. I don't know yet. They are kinda pretty though.

Bean: *nodding* You could paint some using the light bluish-purple color.

Liv: That's true, with some shimmery silver... Ooh, I need that color, too! *wriggles fingers at you* Will you add that?

Bean: *chuckles a bit and scribbles down the color silver* Done

Liv: Yay! *claps and giggles a bit* I can't wait!

Bean: *smiles* You're doing a beautiful job.

Liv: *blushes a bit* Do you really think so?

Bean: *nods* Yes. The social room looks positively cheery with its own garden.

Liv: I'm glad! That was so much fun to do. I hope everyone likes the beach scene, when I get through with it.

Bean: I'm sure they will. You're doing a lovely job. Are you going to add a coral reef further out perhaps? Maybe some tropical fish?

Liv: Yes.. *nodding* All of those. Here... see? *picks up my sketch pad where I've already drawn out what I want to paint*

Bean: *takes it and looks* looks like a million dollar painting.

Liv: *blushes* It does not... *mumbling, turning back to the wall*

Bean: *gently* Oh come now, it's certainly worth at least six hundred...

Liv: *shakes head, picking up a paintbrush and idly dabbing it on the wall*

Bean: *watching quietly* You really are doing a wonderful job. Everyone thinks so.

Liv: Umm... thanks. *blushing again, paying more and more attention to the wall*

Bean: *checks the list again* So, paint, pencils and cheesy doodles? Anything else?

Liv: Another sketchpad?

Bean: Right. *scribbles down that addition as well* New sketchpad...same kind as your other two?

Liv: Please. *nodding absently*

Bean: Right. *makes a note of it* Anything else to make you more comfortable?

Liv: *shakes my head. I pick up another paint brush and start painting something else on the wall*

Bean: Ok. I'll drop everything off tomorrow evening then.

Liv: You can put it in my room, if that's okay. *finally saying something again*

Bean: Yes, that's fine.

Liv: *smiles then* Thanks, Sean.

Bean: *nodding a bit and smiles* Of course, Liv. Oh! What about paint brush clearing you need any of that?

Liv: *turns to you* oh yeah! *gives you a couple more items to add to the list* I almost forgot!

Bean: Ah! Good thing I asked then!

Liv: *small giggle* Thanks, Sean.

Bean: *slight grin* Sure, Liv. You take care. Get some rest.

Liv: *nods* I will *turns back to the wall and starts painting again*

Bean: *smiles a bit and walks off with her list*

Actually took place Wensday. Trillian has been giving me fits..
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