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Harry: *running up to Orli's door, mind racing hoping Orli kept calm and that Viggo is okay. Ringing the bell lots*

Orlando: *I've been sat on the floor the whole time. Viggo really hasn't said much to me but I've been talking to him the all time. just random crap. I look over at the door when the bell goes* That'll be Harry. *I say softly, climbing slowly to my feet. I'm really not looking forward to this. not one little bit*

Viggo: *I whimper a little when Orli gets up. I was pretending to ignore him but I was listening really and I don't want to leave him. Don't want to go back. He won't make me I'm sure*

Orlando: *I catch the whimper and swallow thickly. Part of me doesn't want to answer the door. But I know I have to* I'll be right back. *leaving Viggo on the floor I hurry to the door, pulling it open* Hey, Harry.

Harry: *I knock on the door, testing the door this time, frustrated when it's loked, hoping I got the right address* Orli... how is he? *reaching out one hand to hold your upper arm, squeezing slightly to soothe him*

Orlando: *I shrug slowly* He's just kinda sitting there. On the floor. Not doing anything. *I glance back down the hallway quickly* Come in. *I move out the doorway so you can enter*

Harry: *squeezing again, then moving down the hallway, toe-ing off my shoes so my feet tread lightly, not wanting to startle Viggo. I walk up calmly, my body language calming but firm. I crouch as I get close... not too close though. Viggo, it's Harry.

Viggo: *I don't even look up at you, stare blankly at the wall. Maybe if I don't speak you'll go away*

Orlando: *closing the door behind Harry with a soft click, I hang back for a few moments, just to gather myself before wrapping my arms around myself and walking slowly down the hallway*

Harry: Viggo. I know you can hear me. I'm not going to move you, not for now. Just need to make sure you're okay. *moving a little closer, trying to get into your line of sight*

Viggo: *I try to make the room stop spinning but it doesn't seem to be working. Slowly I turn my head a little and look up at Harry, my eyes still wet with tears* I'm ok.

Harry: No... you're not right now. *my voice still calm, soft, quiet* but I hope you will be soon. *I move a little closer, my knee only a inch or so away from you, one hand out, my palm facing you in a reassuring manner*

Orlando: *I hang back, watching. Letting Harry do his thing. If I go closer, I'm afraid Viggo might do something or get angry. So I'm just going to stay right here*

Viggo: *I notice your hand and start feeling a little scared. I don't want you to drag me back* NO! NO! Orli I don't want to go! *I try and push myself up a little so I can run if I need to get away*

Harry: Shhh... shhh, Viggo. s'okay. It's just me, Harry. I'm not going to harm you, not going to do anything bad. alright? *not touching yuo though, my body language still calm*

Orlando: *I take a step forwards when Viggo starts yelling. I want to hold him or something. But he hasn't let me so far so I doubt he would now*

Viggo: *Soon I'm sitting up, leaning back on my hands looking at Harry, feeling scared, wanting Orli with me* Please don't take me back, please. I won't do it again I promise.

Harry: I told you, Viggo. I won't do anything bad... *sitting down on the floor facing Viggo* tell me what you did, Viggo.

Viggo: *I grip onto the blanket, pulling it up to my chest* I got upset. That's all. I want to stay with Orlando.

Harry: Why did you get upset, Viggo? *just asking, not pressing him*

Orlando: *I'm about to say that he can't stay with me. That it's better you go back to rehab. I can't deal with a drunk. But that's probably not the best thing to say to Viggo right now*

Viggo: *I speak quietly so that Orlando won't hear* Orlando didn't want to be with me. He's always at work. I got upset.

Harry: you knew before you came here that Orli works hard, Viggo. why do you think he doesn't want to be with you?

Viggo: Because he likes going to work and leaving me. *I get angry and start shouting* Go away! I don't want you here! Leave me alone!

Harry: Calm down, Viggo. *voice firm but not angry in the slightest, just concerned* I won't harm you.... but I can't leave you alone right now. I'm here for you, Viggo. And I'm worried about you, okay.

Viggo: Don't need to worry. I'm ok now. I won't drink anymore. Won't get angry. I love Orlando I really do.

Orlando: Viggo you -are- drunk? How can you not be drinking anymore when you're drunk right now! *I'm getting frustrated with him and that doesn't help the situation*

Harry: *slowly reaching out and placing my hand very, very softly on the blanket over your leg* I know you love him... *I stop when Orli talks* Orli... please! *turning to him*

Viggo: *I flince when Orli speaks, I don't like him being mad at me. My body shakes a little as I start crying again, even though I know Orli doesn't like that I can't help it*

Orlando: Sorry. *I put my hands up and take a step back. I'm definitely not helping the situation and now Viggo is crying. Great.*

Harry: it's okay, Viggo. *I move closer, one hand placing itself on his upper arm, soothing up and down* it's okay. you can cry if you need to, just get it all out, okay?

Viggo: *I give you a little nod and look up at Orli briefly as I continue to cry. I wish he would come and hold me. Maybe it is best if I wasn't here. Maybe he doesn't want me anymore*

Harry: *I shift so I'm by Viggo's side, moving very slowly, knowing he's still drunk, just holding his arm, soothing words coming from my mouth, meaningless but calming, holding him as he cries* *looking up at Orli, nodding him over, mouthing the word 'slowly'*

Orlando: *I raise my eyebrows but nod as I take small baby steps and slowly make my way over to Viggo. Crouching down next to him as I reach him* Vig....

Harry: *still stroking Viggo's arm in a calming way, studying his face*

Viggo: *I look at Orlando and try to speak over my sobs* If you don't want me anymore just say and I'll go. I'd understand. No-one wants me.

Harry: *one hand slowly moving up to the back of Viggo's neck, rubbing the top of his back, an old tequnique to release endophins to help him calm down* I want you Viggo. I want very much to be your friend.

Orlando: Of course I want you Viggo. *I sigh softly* But I want you better as well. I don't want you to get drunk every time we have a fight. I don't like seeing you like this.

Viggo: *I rub my wet cheeks with the heel of my hands, starting to stop crying a little* I don't like being like this. I....I'm a dick. *I sigh and move a little closer to Harry*

Harry: *resting my head against the side of Viggo's, motioning to Orli that it's okay that he gets closer now* how much did you drink?

Viggo: *I go quiet as I try to remember, but it's hard as I can't even remember drinking now* Ummm I brought a bottle of whiskey. I guess most of that. I'm not sure.

Harry: okay. that's not enough to take you to hospital with, then. but I'll need to sober you down in a bit, okay?

Orlando: *I sit down on my knees and inch a little closer to Viggo, frowning when he tells us how much he's drunk*

Viggo: *I stare at Harry a little shocked and shove myself away from him slightly* No. I'm not going in the shower again.

Harry: no... I was thinking more like black coffee and making you walk. I really doubt you want a head cold tomorrow along with a hangover.

Viggo: I think I already might get one of them. *I give Orli a little glare before sighing* Ok. I can get up......I hope.

Orlando: *already done the shower thing anyway. Don't think we need to do that again. not after the way he reacted the first time.... I ignore the glare and just move away a little* I can go and make coffee...

Harry: Let us help you up, Viggo. *shifting on the floor a bit*

Viggo: *I reach over and grab onto Harry's shoulder, trying to push myself up whilst holding the towel at the same time. Not an easy task when the room is still spinning*

Harry: *helping Viggo up as much as I can, gripping onto the back of his towel to hold it up*

Viggo: *I manage to get up onto my feet but only because I'm leaning on Harry. I let go of my towel, not caring about it much now anyway* Where we going?

Orlando: *I stand up also. Harry seems to be able to control and calm Viggo more then I can so I'm just going to let him deal with this* I'm going to go and make some coffee. *I turn and quickly head for the kitchen*

Harry: Lets get you in there. *holding up Viggo's towel, wrapping it around him as we walk, knowing he'll need something warmer in a bit*

Viggo: *I slowly walk along, feeling like shit already, knowing I'll feel even worse in the morning* I'm sorry Orli had to call you.

Harry: It's okay. I'm here for you, for both of you. Just want to get you sober and warm right now.

Viggo: I just wanna go to bed and sleep. Can I do that? Can I sleep?

Harry: not just yet, Viggo. we'll get you warm, get some coffee in you and see how sober you are first.

Viggo: I am fucking sober! I am! I don't want coffee.

Orlando: *lighting a cigarette I go about making the coffee, probably more slowly then I actually should, wishing this had never happened and hoping Viggo will go back to rehab!*

Harry: it just takes a while to get it all out of your system. I'm going to stay with you, don't worry. *walking him into the kitchen*

Orlando: *I glance up where I hear footsteps behind me and turn around to see Viggo and Harry* Coffees nearly ready.

Viggo: *I brush some hair out of my face and grip onto Harry tighter. I just want to lie down and make the world go away, not drink coffee*

Harry: *seating Viggo down at the table, looking towards Orli* I could do with a mug myself, and a strong one for Viggo, please.

Orlando: Coming up. *taking a drag on my cigarette I turn back around and make three mugs of hot steaming coffee. An extra strong one for Viggo*

Viggo: I don't want a coffee! *i bang my forehead against the table, wishing I was sober enough to get up*

Orlando: Well you're going to have one. *I bring two mugs over. One for Viggo and one for Harry. Placing them on the table in front of them*

Harry: okay... if you can walk in a straight line down the hallway, then no coffee. *picking up Viggo's mug*

Viggo: *I lift my head and sulk, because I know I can't* Alright then. Give me coffee.

Harry: *holding the coffee to your mouth*

Orlando: *walking back to the counter, I pick up my own coffee, leaning back as I silently watch Viggo and Harry*

Viggo: *I sip a little coffee then hold the mug. Taking another sip before growling and throwing the cup across the kitchen in a rage* No fucking coffee!

Harry: *not paying any attention to your rage, just picking up my own mug and putting your hand to it, holding it to your mouth, not forcing but being very firm* Viggo. drink. If you drink this then
I'll get you another blanket.

Orlando: *I jump a little as the coffee mug goes flying across the room and smashes against the wall. I'm getting really mad and annoyed and I have to grit my teeth so I don't say anything that will upset him more*

Viggo: *I frown, a little confused why Harry is giving me more coffee to drink but I have some anyway, although my fist is banging the table at the same time*

Harry: *holding the mug to your lips, so you have to drink it, hoping Orli made this good and strong*

Viggo: *I swallow what I can, trying to move my head back when I've had enough*

Harry: *letting you rest for a bit, but holding the mug still, determined you will drink it all*

Orlando: *I move about cleaning up another mess, casting quick glances over my shoulder every
now and then as I keep an eye on Viggo and Harry*

Viggo: *I close my mouth and try to shove Harry away a little* No, no more.

Harry: Viggo. there's only two mouthfuls left. you'll be fine.

Viggo: *I start feeling angry but drink the last bit just to shut Harry up* Finished, happy?

Harry: Very. *moving back, puting the mug on the table and sitting next to Viggo, watching him intently*

Viggo: *I look up over at Orli but when I open my mouth I'm talking to Harry* Can I go now? I feel very very sober.

Harry: Go where, Viggo?

Viggo: *I start drawing on the table and mumble* To bed or something.

Orlando: *I look over my shoulder and see Viggo staring at me. I just look right back at him. I stand up and place the broken shards of the mug into the bin*

Harry: Or something...? *I look up at Orli* Orli... come sit with us.

Orlando: Sure. *sighing softly I grab my cigarettes off the counter and join you both at the table, sitting across from Viggo*

Viggo: *I look down at my hands on my lap when Orli sits down* Well I'm better now. You don't need to take me back. I just want some sleep.

Harry: Viggo. how did you get the alcohol?

Orlando: *that's what I'd like to know.... Sitting back in my chair, I watch Viggo, foot tappin lightly on the floor as I wait for him to answer*

Viggo: Well I went shopping. *I try to make it sound like it was no big deal at all* After Orli left I saw that he had forgotten his wallet.

Harry: *wishing I'd been able to drink my coffee now* So you took from it?

Orlando: *well there wouldn't have been any other way for him to get it, other then by stealing from me. Shaking my head a little, I light up another cigarette, offering the pack to Harry as I listen to

Viggo: *I give a little nod* I sort of borrowed. When I'm better and working again I will pay him back for everything he has paid for.

Orlando: Borrowed without asking? That's new.... *my voice is quiet*

Harry: *taking a ciggie thankfully, lighting it up and taking a long drag* So... you took some money, and straight away thought about booze? or did it take you a while?

Viggo: We......we had an argument. I was upset and hurt. I....I wanted to make the pain go away.

Harry: and the next time you have an argument? what will you do then?

Viggo: *I shrug, because honestly I don't know* Maybe we won't argue again.

Harry: what did you argue about?

Viggo: I've told you, I've told you! *I push the chair back and stand up, wobbling slightly but I try to show that I'm not drunk* You can go now.

Orlando: No, he's staying. *watching you stand up and wobbling* Harry is here to help.

Harry: I'm not going anywhere, Viggo. Orli asked me to come here and help you... and that's what I'm going to do, even if I have to stay here all night.

Viggo: I don't need your help! I don't need you, we don't need you. *I stumble over to the door but have to lean on the door-frame to get my balance back* I'm fine see!

Harry: you're wobbling on your feet, you're still half pissed. *not moving, still smoking in a relaxed manner, voice still calm*

Viggo: I am not, shut the fuck up. Orli, tell him to shut up and leave us alone.
Orlando: *I shake my head slowly* No. I won't. Come and sit back down, Viggo. Please? *before you fall down*

Viggo: *I grip onto the door-frame and hope you both can't see how much that hurt me* No....I have to go and get dressed, I'm cold.

Harry: *resting my hand on Orli's arm* Okay... if you want to go... then go get dressed, Viggo. we'll be here if you want us.

Viggo: W..why would I want you? I don't need anyway. *I push myself away from the wall and wobble down the hallway towards the bedroom*

Orlando: *I'm about to say I'll come and help but then Harry places his hand on my arm and I stop myself and just watch Viggo, with a frown, as he leaves the room* This isn't going well....

Harry: He'll be okay for a bit, I just wanted to talk to you. What do you want, Orli? he's in your care after all

Orlando: *I sigh softly. what do I want?* I don't know. *I murmur taking a drag on my cigarette* I want him to get better and not have to go out and get drunk just because we had an argument. I'm not sure him being here, is doing him much good to be honest. He seems to want more then I can actually give him right now.

Harry: did you know this before he came..? that you might not be able to put much good time into being with him?

Orlando: Yes and he knew that too. I have two jobs. One of which I don't get paid. I guess we thought it would be alright... naive really I guess.

Harry: *moving my hand to grip yours* no... not naive. just hopefull as all lovers are.

Orlando: I guess so... *I shrug a little* what I do know, is that him being here right now, just isn't working. He needs people around him. He needs more help. Both of which I can't do a whole lot.

Harry: So... you have two choices. let him stay here and get someone from the clinic to call around everyday. someone to talk to or whatever... *squeezing your hand* or tell him it's best for him to go back. Dr Jackson put him in your care, Orli... it's up to you, really.

Viggo: *I stumble back towards the kitchen, proud of the fact I just about managed to put some jeans on*

Orlando: Having someone come around won't help. He'll not answer the door or something... *I sigh and take a deep breath* I think it's best he goes back. I can't deal with this right now. *that sounds harsh*

Viggo: *I hear Orli's words and lean against the wall in the hallway, sinking down to the floor and bursting into tears again*

Harry: Can't or don't want to?

Orlando: *I glance at you briefly before looking down at my hands. to be honest I'm not sure....* I... I don't know...

Harry: Orli... you love him, don't you?

Orlando: *I take a long drag on my cigarette, still looking down at my hands* Yeah.... course....

Harry: enough to give him a second chance here?

Orlando: *I shrug. I'm not even sure if this is the second chance... maybe it's the third or the fourth....* I don't know. *I don't know a whole lot right now. I can't make these decisons*

Viggo: *I start realizing what I'm doing to Orli, how me being here is making him unhappy. I get back onto my feet and walk into the kitchen, eyes still wet with tears* Shall we go then?

Harry: *rubbing my thumb on the back of Orli's hand, looking up as Viggo enters* Sit down again Viggo. *getting up* sit here next to Orli. you two need to talk about this together, no arguments, no harsh words. just talk

Viggo: *I shake my head quickly and take a step back* Don't want to talk. I want to go with you, Harry.

Orlando: *I raise an eyebrow... he's changed his tune. Only minutes before he didn't want to go back.... I start to wonder if maybe he heard our conversation just now*

Harry: *I step up towards Viggo, resting a hand on his arm comfortingly* I want you to come with me too, Viggo. because I only want what's good for you. and at this moment

Harry: in time you need to be with people. not here alone all day long. But you should just talk for a bit, even if it's just to say goodbye for the moment

Viggo: *I step to the side slightly and look at Orli, trying not to get too emotional because I know he won't like that* Thank you for looking after me. You can come visit me tomorrow if you'd like.

Orlando: *I nod, twisting around in my chair a little and looking at him* Yeah, I'll come visit tomorrow if that's what you'd like. *I offer a little smile*

Harry: *smiling at you both, hoping this is for the best, knowing you two do at least need a little time together* viggo, is there anything you need to bring tonight? your guitar, maybe?

Viggo: Yes I'd like to have my guitar please. Everything else.....well we can get it another time.

Harry: Orli, could you call us a cab? we'll get your things, Viggo.

Orlando: Sure. *stubbing my cigarette out as I stand up, I wonder over to the phone, looking through the list of numbers pinned up next to it before dialing the number for a taxi firm*

Viggo: *I grab onto Harry's shirt and try to pull him out of the kitchen* Come on, lets get my guitar.

Harry: *keeping my balance as Viggo pulls me, untangling myself from his grasp and staying in the doorway to the room, not wanting to invade the privacy of Orli's bedroom*

Orlando: *giving the taxi firm the address, I hang up and sit back down at the table. I light up another cigarette, not sure whether I should be in the bedroom with Viggo and Harry right now or what*

Viggo: *I quickly head around the bed, hitting my leg on the corner but ignoring the pain because I just want to leave.

Viggo: I pick up my guitar case and the folder which has all my songs* Come on, Harry. *I grab Harry's arm again and drag him back down the hallway*

Harry: *calling out to Orli as Viggo pulls at me again* we're going now, Orli *hoping he'll come to see Viggo off*

Orlando: *standing up again I make my way out the kitchen standing just in the doorway* Alright. Taxi should be there in a couple of minutes... *I glance at Viggo, unsure of what to actually say to him*

Viggo: *I stand a little behind Harry, holding onto his shoulder to help me stay on my feet but I'm looking at Orli as I speak quietly* I love you.

Harry: *looking down at the floor as they speak, moving to the door, not wanting to be intrusive*

Orlando: I know... *I murmur softly, shoving my hands into my pockets so they stop fidgeting* I'll see you tomorrow, yeah?

Viggo: *I nod and look down at my guitar just to double check I still have it* Yeah, I'd like that. If you could bring me my clothes as well....

Harry: *opening the door just a little*

Orlando: Of course I will. *I nod* I'll bring all your stuff. You should get going. Taxi drivers can get pretty pissy of you keep them waiting.

Viggo: Yeah, ok. Bye then. *I struggle to hold back the tears as I turn and head out of Orli's apartment*

Orlando: *I watch them leave, sagging tiredly against the door frame once I hear the click of the door as it closes shut*

Harry: *I wrap my arm around Viggo's shoulder as we leave the flat, walking down to the taxi. the guitar goes in the boot and I hold his hand all the way back to the clinic. back to where he can get help*
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