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Orlando: *I'm trying to ignore Viggo's tears and his pleas as I wait to be put through to Harry. I had tried to get hold of Miranda first, considering she's Viggo's counsellor but she hadn't been there so I'd asked the nurse to put me through to Harry, the only other person I could think of help me. Closing my eyes I block Viggo out and just concentrate on the ringing sound on the other end of the phone, waiting for you to pick up*

Harry: *shifting a pile of papers out of the way, finally finding the phone, picking it up* Hullo, Harry's office.

Orlando: Harry! *I let out a breath I didn't know I'd been holding* It's Orlando. I need help. It's Viggo. He got drunk. He got mad at me, started throwing things around the place. I don't know what to do. *I'm trying not to let the panic show in my voice*

Harry: *sitting up immediately* okay... first thing , you need to calm down a bit. Just take some deep breaths for me, alright. *thinking hard, wondering what went wrong with Viggo, last time we spoke he was okay*

Orlando: Okay, okay. *I swallow, glancing towards the open doorway as I take some deep calming breaths* I'm fine. Look I just need to know, what to do. If I try to touch him he flips or just breaks down. I can't help him if he pushes me away.

Harry: okay. is he cut or hurt in anyway? And do you know how much he drank? *trying to keep my voice calm and centered to help you, getting up and reaching for my wallet and jacket already*

Orlando: No, I don't think he's hurt. He's just drunk and naked... *though to be honest, I don't have a clue if he's hurt. I glance at the door again, just to make sure Viggo is still sat in the hallway* As for how much he's drunk, I don't have a bloody clue! Enough to have made him pass out on the floor. So it's gotta be quite a bit...

Harry: Okay... First off, I'm on my way over, so don't worry. *heading out of the door* I take it he's not passed out now though, right? don't let him out of your sight, even if he shouts at you, or anything... *trying to make myself sound reasuring* Orlando... just remember how he really feels about you. remember it's just the drink talking, okay?

Orlando: No, he's not passed out. He's out in the hall, sitting on the floor. *crying and pleading with me to have not called you* And yeah, I know it's just the drink talking. I know. *Do I? even if he said some things before he was drunk...* When will you be here? *I feel so much better knowing you're coming over* You know my address right?

Harry: I'll get a taxi from the gates, I've got your address from the files, I'm just heading to the door now. Just... just try anything to keep him calm. *I can hear him in the background and it doesn't sound good at all* maybe try to get a blanket around him if you can without leaving him.

Orlando: Alright, I can do that. *I'm up and heading for the closet already, to grab a blanket* Thanks, Harry. I really appreciate this. *I cast a quick glance over my shoulder as I pull the closet open and grab a blanket off one of the shelves*

Harry: It's fine, Orlando. I'm Viggo's friend... and I'm yours too. I'll be about half an hour I expect *reading the address as I walk towards the security gate, my chest feeling a little unsteady, but I have to just think about helping Viggo and not myself* Just stay calm.

Orlando: I will. *or at least I'll try to. It'll be hard if he suddenly starts smashing up the place again* Thanks. I guess I'll see you in half an hour... *I'm already starting to head cautiously to the open doorway. Viggo's still there which is a good thing*

Harry: Just take deep breaths, talk slowly but don't patronise him or agravate him *I hope you can do that, that I'm not asking too much. but with Viggo's bulk Orlando could get hurt if Viggo went into a rage or anything* I'll see you soon.

Orlando: I really hope Viggo stays calm and stays right her e as we wait for Harry to arrive. I don't know what I'll do if he tries to leave or anything* Yeah, alright. See you soon. *I sigh softly and hang up the phone, then throw the handset onto the bed as I make my way out into the hallway, carrying the blanket for Viggo*

Harry: *hanging up as I walk out of the gates, the guards doing a quick check before the taxi pulls up and I jump in. I don't even have time to feel anxiety, just the need to get to Orli's quickly*
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