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[The next three chats takes place on the same day as this. We're just slow.]

Orlando: *I'd felt so bad after the argument with Viggo that I really hadn't been able to concentrate at work at all. I'd kept drifting off, staring off into space, going over the arguement and how I was going to apologise. I kept doing it so often that Julia, my manager had got annoyed with me and finally told me to just go home. It wasn't like I'd been doing all that much anyway. I'd just work extra hard tomorrow night. Placing my key into the lock, I push the door open gently and enter the apartment. It's still fairly early in the morning for you to be asleep, I'll just have to wake you, but... Is that alcohol I can smell? Wait, wait, no no. I work at a club, or course I'm going to smell alcohol. Thinking nothing more on it, I make my way through the living room and get the fright of my life as I trip over a warm body....* Viggo!? *Oh, jesus, what the fuck has happened?! I've gone into panic mode as I need to see if your breathing* Viggo!? *I say your name louder as I bend down*

Viggo: *I grunt a little when someone kicks me in the ribs. I try to open my eyes as you call my name but all I can manage it to move my head a little on the carpet. My body feels heavy, I couldn't move too much even if I tried. My head is spinning and making me feel sick but part of me is glad you're home*

Orlando: *I bend right down, thankful that you've stirred* Viggo what happened? *that's when I get a whiff of your breath and I don't need you to tell me what's happened. You've been drinking and good god, no wonder you're passed out on the floor! This was not how I was expecting to find you when I came home* Jesus christ, Viggo! *I mutter and grab at your arm. I need to get you up and under a cold shower or something. God knows how we're going to manage this...*

Viggo: *I feel you try tugging me and I groan loudly, don't want to move, can't move. Want to lie on the floor naked and pass out until it doesn't hurt anymore. I open my mouth. wanting to tell you to get off, but the only noise which comes out is more of a whine*

Orlando: Viggo, please! *I plead, when you don't make any attempt to help me help you get up* I'm not leaving you passed out on the living room floor. You need to get up. *I can't bloody carry you! I
tug you more, if I can get you into a sitting position then we're half way there*

Viggo: *My eyes finally manage to open and I look up at you sadly. Well I look at the three Orlando's because I'm not sure which one the real Orli is. My limp body finally loses its battle and soon I'm sitting up, leaning heavily against your legs* Hey...

Orlando: Hi... Vig... wh... *I sigh heavily, running a hand across my forehead tiredly. I can't talk to you while you're like this. Not when you're steaming drunk. I doubt I'd get any sort of coherent response out of you* We need to get you up. *I place my hands under your armpits, getting ready to support most of your weight* You gotta help me alright?

Viggo: *My words slur as I try to speak* Where we goin' Orlio? *I struggle to my feet, slip up a couple of times and crash back onto the carpet. On the fourth attempt we manage it. Soon my arms are around your neck and I'm hanging off you* Love you.

Orlando: *and I'm trying my bloody hardest not to fall over right on our arses here! You're swaying and we're nearly tipping over backwards. Wrapping my arms around you tight, I hold you up as much as I possibly can* We're going to bed.... *or to the bathroom so I can put you into the shower and give you a nice cold blast of cold water* Come on. *I start a slowl shuffle walk in that general direction, all but dragging you a long and all the while trying not to fall over*

Viggo: *I decide going to bed would be a good idea. Bed with Orlando. Then we can stay there and he'll never leave me again. I stumble along, leaning on you for support. The room seems to be going in circles but I don't feel any pain, which is why I drank in the first place * I'm glad you came home to me.

Orlando: *right now I'm really no glad I did* Yeah... me too. *I sigh softly, walking us past the bedroom and towards the bathroom. So much for never drinking again. We only had one argument. One. Which could have been worked out, without you drinking everything away and how the.... I'm not even going to ask how you got the alcohol*

Viggo: *I can almost stand by myself when we get into the bathroom. I sway a little as I look around confused* This isn't the beding-room....I think we took a wrong way turning.
Orlando: No, we actually didn't. We're just popping in here first. *I nod and push you gently into the bathroom and over to the shower, practically shoving and pushing you down into it as I reach over and turn the cold spray on, jumping back so I don't get hit by the water myself*

Viggo: *I almost scream as the cold water hits me, but instead of moving I stand there in shock for a moment, finding it hard to understand why you just did this to me. When I get some of my sense back I stumble out of the shower and collapse down to my knees, strugging to hold back the tears as I start shivering*

Orlando: *I'm ready and waiting with a towel and as soon as you step out and fall to your knees I sink down next to you and wrap the towel around you, rubbing my hands up and down your arms, trying to get some heat back into your shivering body*

Viggo: *I can't stop the tears from flowing down my cheeks as I just kneel there and let you dry me. I want to push you away but my arms just feel like lead weights* G....get off me,
Orlando: *I give you a confused look but keep drying you off, not thinking much off it* Don't be silly, Vig. We need to get you dried off and to bed so you can sleep this off.

Viggo: *I don't understand how you could do that to me then act like nothing happened. I start feeling angry, don't want you to touch me. I turn and shove you hard to get you away from me*

Orlando: *I'm completely surprised and shocked when you shove me and end up falling back onto the floor* Viggo. *I sigh. You're only like this because you're drunk, I tell myself and in the morning you'll be upset or something* Can, we just get you to bed. *I climb to my feet and go to help you to your own feet*

Viggo: No! *I quickly crawl across the bathroom floor before you can get too close to me. When I reach the wall I pull myself up onto my feet and stumble out of the bathroom* Get away from me! You don't love me.

Orlando: *I blink at you, watching you crawl away and then leave the bathroom. Oh, well, this is just bloody great! Sighing I follow after you* Of course I love you, Viggo! We only had a fight. One argument. I don't know how you can I don't love you on and basis of one argument!

Viggo: You just shoved me under freezing cold water! *I head over to the kitchen area, not even really noticing that I'm still naked* You don't love me. You lie. *I grab the first glass I see and throw it against the nearest wall*

Orlando: *I jump, startled as I hear a glass smash against the wall. Following you into the kitchen, I support myself against the door frame and watch you carefully* I was -trying- to sober you up a little! Will you just calm down please? *my voice is calm. But you had better not start smashing up my place*

Viggo: No I won't calm down. I won't do what you want me to do anymore. *I grab one of the dirty plates which was still in the sink and drop it onto the kitchen floor. Smiling when it smashes*

Orlando: Fine. Smash up the whole place. I don't care. *I'm not coming anywhere near you when you're in this mood* I'm calling the clinic. *Leaving the kitchen doorway, I head down the hallway towards the bedroom*

Viggo: *Suddenly gasps when I realize what you just said* NO! Orli please no. *I quickly run out of the kitchen and head down the hallway, but I drunkenly trip over some boots left on the floor. As I lie on the ground, my knee hurting, I start crying* Don't make me go back there!

Orlando: I can't deal with you like this, Viggo. I'm not... I can't. Look at you! *I stop and turn around, my heart breaking as I watch you, but no, I can't give in. I don't even know if you're crying real bloody tears* If you're not crying, you're angry and now this. You're drunk off your face and all because we had a bloody argument. It was too soon, Viggo. You're not ready and I think in the morning you'll see this and you'd want to sign yourself back in anyway.

Viggo: *I rub my sore knee and look up at you sadly, blinking away the tears in my eyes* I want to stay here with you. I don't want to go back there. Please, Orli. I won't do this again I promise. I want to be with you, I like it here.

Orlando: And yet about five minutes ago you were practically telling me how you hated it here and that you didn't believe that I loved you! I can't trust anything you say to me right now, Viggo. Especially when you've been drinking. Which you had always promised me you would never do and yet here we are. I'm sorry. *frowning I turn away from you and head into the bedroom. You'll thank me tomorrow. I hope*

Viggo: *I try to crawl across the hallway but give up just outside the bedroom door. I lean against the wall and pull my legs up to my chest, wrapping my arms around them and rocking myself slowly* Please Orli. Please don't send me back. I can't cope there. I want to stay here with you. Please Orli.

Orlando: Viggo! Just.... *I close my eyes shut, trying to block your pleading voice out of my head* Just... stop, please? *grabbing up the phone I sink onto the bed, dialing the number for the clinic and basically doing the only thing I can think of to do. It's what they're there for. They'll know what to do. I can't cope with a drunk. I'm not failing someone else in my life. Failing someone else I love*
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