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Green thumb?

Karl: *It's such a pretty day outside that I'm glad I talked to Harry about having our meet outside. I missed being outside a lot while I was in detox and I'm glad that we get to go outside here. After spotting the bench where we agreed to meet, I sit and wait, just enjoying being in the sun*

Harry: *I light up a ciggie as I step outside, looking around me before heading over to the bench where I see you waiting for our session* Hey, Karl. good weather today!

Karl: *I grin and nod* Yeah, it's a beautiful day. Much too pretty to be inside.

Harry: that it is! *I sit next to you, looking around us, there are lots of other inmates walking or sitting, all taking advantage of the sun* how've you settled in?

Karl: Pretty good. I met Liv the other day and I got a signed original from her. *I grin, remembering* That way when she's famous, I'll have my very own from her.

Harry: *grinning* yes, she's a lovely artist, that one. and another of my patients. have you got around to seeing all her murals yet?

Karl: I've seen a couple of them, but I watched her while she was painting the ocean one in the hallway. That's when she drew a portrait of me and signed it. Has she done a lot of murals inside?

Harry: you'll have to go exploring the hallways to find them all, and she's planned a few more yet. most of the finished ones are in the recreation room.

Karl: *smiles* I've seen some of those, they're very good. She's very quiet though.

Harry: quiet? she's calm, yes. she needs a lot of tender care, that one. *smiling happily, she's coming along very well in her sessions* met any one else yet?

Karl: *I shake my head quietly* I've been pretty quiet, or calm, myself. I heard that Sean is out of town, so I would need to *thinks for a minute* talk to Miranda to get his squeezy back to him?

Harry: squeezy?

Karl: Yeah, it's this thing that has gel inside of it and if you squeeze one end, the gel moves and it goes flying out of your hand.

Harry: ahh, yeah, I know those things. helps to pass the time, I expect!

Karl: *laughs* Yes, I played with it a lot in detox. That and his boombox. They both helped a lot, one to keep me busy and the other to help me relax

Harry: well, you're out now. there's lots to do if you want to be occupied. maybe if you like music you should go talk to Marton, he does music lessons in the rec room some afternoons.

Karl: Actually playing? That sounds interesting because I've never played an instrument before. Maybe I should learn.

Harry: yes. he's a drummer, really. but he teaches the piano. you want to learn?

Karl: The piano? *shrugs* I've never thought about it, but no time like the present, right?

Harry: absolutely. so... that's your first task this week, to go find Marton and talk about lessons *grinning* want to know what your second task will be?

Karl: Awww *laughs* Yeah, what's my second task?

Harry: *pulls out a scrumpled piece of paper* well, at this stage of your stay here it's good to keep busy... but I'm nice so I give you a choice. *handing you the paper* it says 'start making a garden in the lots' 'help the orderlies next week doing out the pond' or make a puzzle for the rec room' which one would you like to do?

Karl: *Looks at the list. Definitely not cleaning out the pond, and I've never been good at puzzles* Garden, definitely. Do we get to pick the lot or is the lot chosen for us?

Harry: nope, you can pick from whatever's free. you want to come look now? they're all in the old walled kitchen garden

Karl: Yeah. Do we come work in groups or just whenever?

Harry: you get your own plot. and you can grow whatever you'd like. they just aslk that all fruit and veggies go to the kitchen

Karl: We don't have to wear straw hats do we? *teases*

Harry: *snorts* I think it's suit you actually! *getting up, walking with you towards the plots*

Karl: *laughs* Oh thanks. *I follow you towards the plots* I've never really grown anything before.

Harry: well, you'll have some time here to try *laughs, leading you through the gate into the kitchen gardens, all patchwork of used plots and empty ones, everything from peas to raspberries being grown here*

Karl: *smiles and looks around at the empty plots, finally picking one that looks like it hasn't been used in a couple seasons* Can I have this one?

Harry: sure. I'll let Paulo know. He's the one you'll need to talk to about getting the seeds and stuff. you want to see the shed with all the tools in?

Karl: Yeah, but... I won't know what they are all for yet

Harry: Paulo will teach you. *guiding you down to the huge shed in the middle of the plots, a guy with dark skin and long black hair comes out and hugs me in greeting* Hey Paulo, this is Karl, a new inmate. he's going to take a plot off your hands. but he's never grown anything before!

Karl: *I laugh softly and try not to be too embarrassed* But I'm always willing to learn something new!

Harry: Paulo hands you a few sheets of papers with drawings and explanations of the basics, telling you to read it and he'll mark out your plot, putting some manure in to start it going

Karl: *I nod and take the papers, listening as he talks* Right, ok. Yeah. And I come to get the seeds for what I want to plant from you, too?

Harry: *Paulo walks us back up the garden pointing out a few things and explaining to you about how you ask for plants, he has a greenhouse and can give you grown plants rather than seeds for ease. I trail along behind, remembering my garden I attempted to have here once*

Karl: *I listen carefully, remembering as much as I can so I won't have to ask too many questions later. I can't believe I'm going to have my own garden! Or a plot to grow things on.*

Harry: *Paulo examines the plot you chose, nodding that it's good soil and will stand you goo. he promises to get it ready for you and turns to me, joking about my attempts at growing once* Hey, no fair, Paulo! *laughing* no teasing me in front of my patients!

Karl: *I grin at the banter between the two* Not a green thumb, are you? *I tease*

Harry: no... I think I killed every single thing he tried to thrust into my hands! *Paulo laughs and pats my back, saying good bye to you and waving as he wlks back to the sheds* he's a good guy, Paulo. he'll see you straight, here.

Karl: *laughs* I probably won't do much better than you. *waves back to Paulo* So can we grow flowers here, too? Or just fruits and veggies?

Harry: well, anything is worth a try! yes, you can grow anything you like, really. I think you have to buy your own flower plants, though *laughs* and that's our hour up *grins*

Karl: *I grin back* Alright, so I'll see you later this week then?

Harry: sure. good luck with the garden, and don't forget about Marton. *I smile and wave as I walk off back to the main house, glad the session went so well, and that you seem to be settling in nicely*

Karl: *I wave back and start down another path, wondering if I can find the pond that everyone mentions*
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