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A signed Liv original

Liv: *I've finished the recreation room, and have now started my beach and ocean mural down one of the hallways. There is paint pretty much everywhere, but no one seems to mind*

Karl: *I step out of my rooms to watch the girl painting again. She's doing a lovely job, and I sit down on the floor, avoiding the paint cans to just watch her*

Liv: *I step back, eyeing an area that I've just recently painted, holding up a sketch to compare. Not satisfied with what I've done, I turn to grab another brush, and notice you sitting nearby on the floor*

Karl: *I smile hesitantly to you and then point to the mural* It's very pretty and you're very good.

Liv: *I hesitate for a long moment, not used to anyone but Harry or Dave talking to me* Ummm.. .thank you. *I say quietly, watching you*

Karl: *I smile again, warmly this time as I realize you're probably just as hesitant as I am* Your welcome. Have you been working on it very long?

Liv: *I smile a little bit* A couple of weeks, I guess. Actually... I started this one last week, after I finished the mural in the recreation room. *Wow... that's more than I've said to anyone in a long time*

Karl: *My smile turns to a grin* I saw you painting when I got my rooms the other day, and I was just curious about it. I hope you don't mind?

Liv: Oh, uh.... no, I don't mind. *I look around for a specific color I need, and stop when I realize that it's right next to you*

Karl: *I follow your gaze and realize it's on the pot next to me.* Do you need this one?

Liv: *nodding, not quite willing to walk over to you, not quite willing to have you come near me.... I'm in quite the dilema*

Karl: *I look back down at the pot and make sure the lid is on tight before I turn it on its' side and roll it over to you* There you go! *smiles*

Liv: *watches you, then the pot as it rolls over to me. I stop it and smile at you again* Thanks... Um.. I'm Liv.

Karl: I'm Karl. *Part of me wants to reach out to her and offer my hand, but with the way she is acting, I don't want to scare her* So what's this one going to be when it's done?

Liv: *I look up at the wall and smile again, then slide my sketch pad across the floor to you* It's an ocean mural... but you can look at the others. *I open the paint can I need and carefully dab my brush inside. I turn back to the wall, and fix the part of the scene I didnt like*

Karl: *I grin as I look at the sketch of the ocean mural. It's not quite home, but it's beautiful and it reminds me of all the days I spent next to or in the ocean. I flip through the rest of the paintings* These are really good you know?

Liv: Thank you... *I say absently, concentrating on my work. I pause for a second, and glance over my shoulder* You're new here.

Karl: Yeah, I just came in recently *I hold the sketch pad in my hands, waiting for you to pause before I slide it back to you*

Liv: *I paint a little longer, glancing at you again.* You can just slide that over. *smiling* What's... why are you here?

Karl: *I slide the sketchpad back to you* Cocaine mostly. What about you? Have you been here long? *smiles nervously*

Liv: Umm... I don't know. My days are sorta jumbled. *ducking my head slightly, embarrassed*

Karl: Hakuna mutata. *I give her a little smile* When I used to surf my days would all blend together cause I would stay out on the water for hours.

Liv: *stops, cocking my head to the side* Hakuna mutata?

Karl: Yeah! Hakuna mutata! From the Lion King, you know? *sings* Hakuna mutata, it means no worries for the rest of your days ..

Liv: *slow smile that lights up my face* I'd forgotten that. *I turn back to paint some more* You have a nice voice.

Karl: *I turn slightly pink as I realize that I've been singing a song from a kid's film of all things* Uhm, thanks.

Liv: *I change brushes and work on a section of the wall, slightly closer to you, not realizing that I'm softly humming what you sang*

Karl: *I grin as I hear you humming the same song I was singing* It's infectious isn't it?

Liv: *I stop, blushing when I realize that I was humming it, then giggle a little bit* Yeah, I guess it is.

Karl: *grins at you* So do you come out here and paint every day?

Liv: I do. *nodding* I started just drawing, but Sean said I could paint murals on the walls.

Karl: *perks up* Cheesy doodle Sean? I met him when I was in detox and he brought me a radio and cheesy doodles and a squeezy.

Liv: Cheesy doodles? *frowns* What are those? And he's the only Sean here... he got me my sketchpads and pencils... *puts the paintbrush down and picks up another sketchpad, flipping through until I find a sketch of Sean* Him?

Karl: *nods* Him! And you know, cheesy doodles. They're well, they're sorta crunchy and they're cheesy. Like cheeto's! Cheesy doodles!

Liv: *shakes head slowly* Don't think I've ever had them.

Karl: *gasps in mock horror* Never had cheesy doodles? We'll have to get some from Sean, they are excellent junk food, like sundae's or snickers.

Liv: Umm... okay. *smiles at you again. I look at you for a moment, then grab up my sketch pencil and quickly start drawing* Don't move...

Karl: *I stay still, hardly moving, barely even breathing as you sketch. I have no idea what else to do*

Liv: *It doesn't take long for me to finish the sketch. I look up at you, smile, and slide the sketchpad across the floor to you*

Karl: *I pick it up and look, flushing slightly* It's... It's good, Liv. *I grin* No one's ever sketched me before *slides the sketchpad back to you* Did you go to uni for art?

Liv: No... *shaking my head* I've always just drawn and stuff.

Karl: You're very good at it. The only thing I can draw is a mean stick figure

Liv: *cocks head to the side* Why would you want to draw a mean stick figure, and not a happy one?

Karl: *I grin* Because everyone draws happy ones, I needed to do something different.

Liv: *puzzled, but nods* I guess that makes sense. *I look down at my sketchpad again* Would you like to have this?

Karl: *I blink, stunned* Really? Are you sure?

Liv: *nods* I can draw another one to keep... but if you'd like it... I want you to have it.

Karl: *I smile* Ok, but you have to sign it, so that when you become famous I can have a signed original.

Liv: *I giggle slightly, but sign my name in the corner with a flourish. I carefully remove the drawing and slide it carefully across the floor as far as I can reach*

Karl: *I take the edge of the paper and slide it the rest of the way over to me and smile* Awesome, now I have a Liv Signed Original

Liv: *I smile, blushing, and lower my head slightly* I, uh... I should get back to painting. *nodding, still blushing a bit* Umm... you can still watch, if you want.

Karl: *I set the sketch in my lap and nod* I'd like to watch if it's ok with you.

Liv: *am strangely pleased, which... really confuses me, so I get up and pick up another paintbrush* It's okay with me. *I turn back to the wall and continue to paint*

Karl: *I smile and rest my hands on my knees, watching you quietly since I don't want to disturb your work at all*
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