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Viggo: *I put the dishwasher on then head back into the living-room, smiling when I spot you watching TV. I walk across to the back of the sofa and lean over, running my hand across your chest and nibbling at your ear* Is whatever you're watching more interesting than me?

Orlando: *I smile, tilting my head so I can look up at you* I doubt it. Unless some documentary about how birds mate is more interesting then you, which I highly doubt, so no. Definitely not more interesting then you. *I reach blindly for the remote and click the TV off* Hey!

Viggo: Hey. *My hand moves down your chest and I cup your groin gently. I know you only have a few minutes until you need to get ready for work but I'm hoping I can get your mind off all that. My head moves to your neck and I start kissing it gently*

Orlando: Viggo.... *my hips rock up instinctively against your hand, my eyes falling closed as your lips move softly against my neck. This really is -not- the time to suddenly start feeling all horny and get me turned on as well* I have to go to work in a few minutes.

Viggo: Then we'd better be quick. *I quickly let go of you and walk around the sofa. Grabbing your wrist I pull you up to your feet and hold the back of your head as I kiss you hard. My hand moves back to your groin and I rub you over your pants*

Orlando: *I don't even have time to catch a breath as you've pulled me up and you're kissing me hard. In fact I can't even think. Not when your hand... Oh god. I'm trying my hardest not to fucking respond to your hand rubbing against my pants because I have to work and you know this! But fuck, the friction is just killing me and my hips rock forwards against your hand. I've never seen you like this and I'm starting to wonder what's wrong... fuck I should not think... no. have. to. work*

Viggo: *My fingers grip into your hair as my tongue pumps in and out of your mouth. I stop rubbing with my other hand because I want to try and undo your pants whilst carefully walking us backwards, heading towards the bedroom*

Orlando: *it's only when we're in the hallway that I've realized you're walking us backwards and that you're trying to undo my pants. Grabbing your hand I pull you away and drag my lips from yours* Viggo stop it. *my voice is breathless* I have to go to work.

Viggo: Not just yet. *I grip you by the half-open pants and drag you the rest of the way into the bedroom before you can protest. Once we're inside the door I grab your backside and pull your groin against mine, starting to rub myself up against you as I try to kiss you again*

Orlando: *what the fuck is with you? I supress the moan threatening to rise up in my throat as you rub up against me* Viggo. No. *I push against you gently, trying to get out of your grip, pulling my head back from you, turning it to the side so you can't kiss me* I've told you I have to work. Will you stop. I have to go.

Viggo: *I give you my best pathetic look* You can be a little late. Orli, please. I haven't seen you all day. *I quickly undo the buttons of my shirt and open it up before attacking your neck with my lips once more, my hands rubbing your backside in excitement*

Orlando: Jesus christ, Vig! *I push you away a little more forcefully this time* I can't be late. Any other day I would but we have a delivery today and I -have- to be on time. *plus I'm just not in the bloody mood*

Viggo: *I look a little shocked* I just want you to love me. *I grab onto your arm and grip you tightly* Why won't you show me you love me?!

Orlando: What are you talking about?? *I wince as you grip my arm, trying to subtly get it out of your hand because fucking hell that hurts* I -do- love you, Viggo. I just have to work.

Viggo: You don't show you me you love. You never have time. *I start feeling tears welling up in my eyes* Never the time. *I let go of your arm and give you a shove before crawling onto the bed, curling up onto my side and starting to cry harder* Fuck off then.

Orlando: *I stumble a little as you shove me, catching myself I watch you walk over to the bed and proceed to cry* That's it. Turn on the fucking water works! Every time, I don't do something that upsets you, you cry. *I'm so bloody tired of you guilting me all the time* I have to work because otherwise you'll have no food, or clothes, or a fucking television or a bloody roof over your head! And I do show you my love, don't you fucking think that. I've been wanting to fuck you ever since you came to stay with me but I haven't wanted to push you and this is exactly why! You only -ever- decide you want me when I have to go out! What does that say?? *I clench and unclench my fists, taking deep breaths to try and calm myself down*

Viggo: *I grip onto the covers trying hard to stop crying but you yelling at me has only upset me even more. I don't turn to look at you, too scared because you seem so mad* It says I don't like you leaving me.

Orlando: Yes, I know that! And you know that I have to go to work! I've told you so many times, Viggo. *my voice softens just a little* I wish I didn't have to work and leave you, but I do. I would much rather spend my time with you. *I walk over to the wardrobe, pulling my tee shirt up over my head along the way*

Viggo: *I mumble against the bed* Well it doesn't fucking seem like it. *Sniffing I wipe my cheeks with my hand trying to stop crying* Maybe I won't be here when you come back one day.

Orlando: And you can't stop trying to guilt and blackmail me or whatever it is you're doing. I've fallen for it before but right now I'm not in the fucking mood, Vig! *I pull out a shirt and slip it on, starting to button the shirt up as I walk over to the dresser*

Viggo: *I push myself up a little and look at you. My voice sounds shaky as I yell* Well maybe I won't be! I don't need you. I don't need anyone. Nicole would have never treated me like you do. She loved me and you'll never replace her. *I grab a pillow and chuck it at you*

Orlando: *I close my eyes as I feel the pillow hit my back and then fall to the floor. My hands pausing for a moment on my shirt. Now that hurt* I know, I'll never replace her. *I say quietly, not even sure if you'd heard me*

Viggo: No you won't. *I turn and hit the bed before curling up again* Get lost then. I want to be on my own now. I'd rather be alone than have you yelling at me.

Orlando: Don't worry, I'm leaving. *snatching my keys up off the dresser I walk out the bedroom, slamming that door behind me and also slamming the apartment door as I leave. I'm pissed off and upset and I really do not want to deal with you right now*

Viggo: *I start crying louder now you're gone, calling out for Nicole and you and anyone else who might hear me. I don't want to be alone. I don't want it to hurt anymore. After crying for a long time I spot the wallet you have forgotten on the bedside table. Sitting up I reach out and check how much money you have. Taking out a few notes I get up off the bed and head to the front door*
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