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[This happens a few days ago]

Viggo: *I quickly walk down the steps leading onto the sand, wanting to get away from all the cars and people behind us. Luckily it isn't looking too busy on the beach. When I reach the bottom I bend down and take off my shoes and socks, feeling my feet sink into the cool sand before turning back to you, to make sure you're coming*

Orlando: *I trail slowly behind you, not really wanting to be in any real hurry. We do have hours before we have to get going to the rehab centre for group therapy. Reaching the bottom of the steps I smile at you as I see you looking back at me* What's the rush? *I kick my shoes off and bend down to pick them up*

Viggo: Just wanted to get onto the beach. We should get a dog. It'll be nice to talk it for walks along here don't you think? *I swing my arm, holding my shoes and waiting for you to catch up with me*

Orlando: *I nod, walking slowly towards you until I reach you and stop* A dog would be cool. I love animals. We'll look into I guess.. *I pause* though maybe we should wait a little while huh? *I'm not sure you're ready to look after a dog just yet but I don't want to voice that aloud*

Viggo: Wait for what? I ain't going anywhere. *I take a deep breath of the fresh sea air and smile looking at the waves. I reach out and take your spare hand before dragging you gently down the beach*

Orlando: *I'm really going to ignore that question because I don't want to answer it and get you upset. Instead I stay quiet and allow you to drag me along for a little while until I gently pull my grip from yours* Hey, no need to rush about, we have hours to spend here. *I squint a little in the sun and smile at you*

Viggo: S....sorry. *I reach out and take your hand again, wanting something to remind me that you're there all the time incase I get scared. I quickly look around to remind myself of the other people on the beach before turning back to you* Have you even tried surfing?

Orlando: *I nod and plop down onto the sand, tugging on your hand, wanting you to join you me* Yep, I sure have. It's really fun. Why? Wanna try surfing? *I shield my eyes from the sun with my free hand as I look up at you*

Viggo: *I laugh a little at the thought of me on a surf board* I'm not sure. I wouldn't mind it. Give me something else to do. I thought it would be nice if we did something like that together.

Orlando: *I grin a little and start drawing patterns in the sand with my hand* I can teach you to surf, if that's what you want. We can practice on my days off and stuff. We'll have to go out and buy all the gear, or hire it.... *but then you might not like to go out into the town* Or I can just get the stuff for you. Whichever.

Viggo: Maybe we should hire it at first. I might be really bad or hurt myself and go off the idea. *I slowly lie back in the sand, resting my head on my arms* Then again I could discover a hidden surfing talent of mine.

Orlando: You could. *I nod and wriggle around in the sand so I'm facing you and don't have to look at you sideways* We'll just have to see. It'll be fun. Anyway I already know you're rather talented at some things. *I smile slowly and lean down, kissing you quick before sitting back up again*

Viggo: *I smile up at you, squinting in the sun* Yeah moaning and whinging and complaining. I guess I do have some talents. Hmmm I guess I get to see you in swimming trunks if we go surfing....or do you wear a wet-suit?

Orlando: I wear a wet-suit but if it's swimming shorts you want to see me in, you can always just ask.... or I'll just show you right now... *I move my hands to my jeans and pop open the button*

Viggo: Oh I'm asking, believe me. *My eyes move down your body and linger on your jeans, hoping you actually forgot to put your trunks on*

Orlando: *I flick open another button, pulling the flaps on my jeans back before I slowly unzip the zipper before stopping and leaning back on my hands, watching you with a slight smile* Wanna go swimming, Vig?

Viggo: *It takes me a while for my mind to register what you just said, my thoughts were very much elsewhere* Swimming? Umm yeah sure. *I get up onto my feet, brushing the sand off my pants before getting undressed myself*

Orlando: *I smile, watching you take your clothes off before I lift my hips and push my own jeans down my legs, kicking them off and dumping them onto a heap on the floor before shrugging my tee shirt off and jumping up* Viggo? *I say softly coming up behind you and placing my hands onto your hips*

Viggo: *I look into your chocolate brown eyes, realizing I'd rather stare at them than the sea anyday* Yes?

Orlando: *I give you my most serious look as I lean in and brush my lips against yours, murmuring against your lips* Race you! *I pull away giggling and take off at a run towards the ocean*

Viggo: Hey! *I start laughing and dash after you, not caring about my clothes thrown about on the sand. I run into the cold water after you, jumping over the waves until it's deep enough to dive in.*

Orlando: *I can hear you laughing behind me and that makes me feel good. To think that I actually made you laugh. I love the sound of your laugh and I wish you'd do it more often. Once in the ocean, I shiver a little at the cold but turn around just in time to see you dive under the waves. Uh-oh. I swim a little further back and eye the water, waiting for you to resurface*

Viggo: *I swim as close to you as I can then come out of the water, pulling my hair back off my face and smiling at you* Ok you win, but then you cheated so it doesn't count. *I swim closer and kiss your nose*

Orlando: *I giggle and moving away I swim around you slowly* Nu-uh I didn't cheat. You're just slow. *I nod and give you a grin as I reach through the water and grab at the waistband of your shorts, tugging at them a little before swimming away a little further*

Viggo: *I look down at my trunks and adjust them a little before swimming after you* Is it natural to feel this horny whilst swimming in the sea?

Orlando: *I laugh, swimming myself backwards so that I can watch you* That's highly doubtful. *I stop once I'm able to stand up in the water and wait for you to reach me* Why? Feeling horny, Vig?

Viggo: *I shrug a little and slow down when I get closer to you* I don't know. I guess because this is the first time I've spent some time with you and you're almost naked.

Orlando: *I smirk* Almost. *I take a couple of steps forward and meet you* So, here we are, almost naked... *I slide my arms around you, hands sliding down your back, fingers dipping just under the waistband of your shorts before stopping*

Viggo: *I can't stop smiling and my hands rest on your chest, looking down at it as I speak* Also in a very public place....even though it's kinda quiet at the moment.

Orlando: So? *I glance around, grinning mischieviously* No one can see us. We're underwater, or the important bits are anyway. *I slip my fingers around to the front, moving to push your shorts down just a little*

Viggo: Orli! *I gasp and look across at the beach to make sure no-one is watching us, feeling my cheeks blush a little. My hands move and rub your shoulders a little when I look back at you*

Orlando: *I smile and notice you looking around* Don't worry, Viggo. No one can see us. *I step right in front of you, blocking your view of the people and the beach as I step closer and slip a hand inside your shorts, my fingers sliding through hair before curling around you cock*

Viggo: *I hardly have to move as the waves rock my body towards yours. My head turns and I slowly start kissing your neck, blood rushing to my groin and causing my cock to grow harder*

Orlando: *I smile slowly when I feel your cock harden more under my touch, my head tilts a little, exposing more olive skin to your soft lips as I curl my fingers around you more and start to slowly jerk your cock with my hand, my thumb running across the head*

Viggo: *I pull your swimming trunks with my fingers and slip my hand down inside them. My lips move up your neck and my tongue flickers out when I reach your ear*

Orlando: *I shiver a little and it's not from the cold water, it's from your the sensations of your lips and then your tongue against my skin. My fingers tighten around you cock as I feel your hand slip inside my own shorts and my hips rock forwards, though I'm not sure if it's the waves pushing me forwards or if I'm doing that myself, probably a little of both*

Viggo: *I nibble and suck on your ear as my fingers wrap around your cock, squeezing it gently before starting to stroke. I try my best to keep my moans and whimpers as quiet as possible*

Orlando: Mmm... Viggo... *I murmur softly, my free hand coming to rest on your hip to steady myself and you, my legs aren't feeling all that steady, not with your hand around my cock. I speed my movements up, my hand pumping you just a little faster*

Viggo: *I grip onto your arm with my spare hand to make sure the waves don't knock us apart. My fist wanks you faster, matching the speed of your hand on me* Good Orli.....really good.

Orlando: *I smile, breath coming out in small breathy gasps. My hand jerks you faster for a couple of strokes before slowing down, then speeding up again, slowing down, speeding up, getting into a rhythm as my own hips rock forwards, loving the feel of your hand on me and wanting more. Needing more*

Viggo: *I really want to chuck you onto the sand and make love to you right here but know we could get arrested for that, so try and put it out of my mind. Instead I breath in your scent, my face next to yours, listening to the sweet noises you make as I stroke you harder knowing I won't last for much longer*

Orlando: Viggo, close. *I pant softly into your ear, pulling back a little because I want to look at your face as I bring you off. My eyes are half closed and dark with desire, want and need but I still want to watch you. I love to watch you. My fingers squeeze your cock, strokes matching the speed of your own hand as you jerk me off*

Viggo: *My eyes roll back in my head slightly just before I get a warm tight feeling in my groin and my hips shudder as my orgasm takes control. I gasp loudly and stroke you even more frantically as I shoot my come into the water*

Orlando: *I watch the way your face twists with pleasure as you cum, that look and the way your jerking me makes me moan loudly and a few jerks later, I'm following you and cumming hard, hips bucking forwards as I do. I stroke you a couple more times, waiting till you've come down from your orgasm before I uncurl my fingers and slide my hand out your shorts, leaning forwards and resting my head lightly against your forehead as I calm my breathing*

Viggo: *I keep my head still and smile at you as my hand leaves your swimming trunks and floats in the water* That was fun!

Orlando: *I giggle softly, head still leaning against your shoulder* I'm glad you think so. Though now all I want to do is take you home and.... *I stop and clear my throat*

Viggo: And? *I think about what you might have wanted to say* Dry me off? We could go home if you want too. It isn't exactly a long walk.

Orlando: Dry you off? *I raise my head slowly and look at you, blinking. Right. dry you off. I'm not going to push you and I'm certainly not going to embarrass myself by voicing my thoughts and have you fun a mile* Right. Yeah. That's what I wanted to do. *I pull back from you completely then*

Viggo: *I look at your sudden change of body language, not understanding what I said wrong* Was it? *I say confused, because I didn't think it would be that really* Ok then. I'll go get dry.

Orlando: Umm, yeah, sure, Vig. *I smile and start wading back to the shore slowly. Damn. I should just say what I really mean because maybe he's waiting for me to make the first move. But what if he's not. I shake my head a little, feeling rather frustrated*

Viggo: *i sigh and swim for a minute before heading back towards the beach, still confused about why you suddenly went funny with me. Maybe you didn't want to get me home and dry afterall! I walk across the beach, sand sticking to my feet, then pick up my clothes*

Orlando: *I slip jeans and a tee shirt over wet skin as we hadn't brought towels with us. Hadn't actually expected to swim. Putting dry clothes on wet skin is pretty uncomfortable as well, I don't even know why I'm bothering* Wanna head back or continue walking?

Viggo: Better head back. *I shiver a little* We can always go for a nice walk along the beach after dinner. It's nice then, when the sun is going down.

Orlando: Yeah, it is. I like the way the colours flicker and shimmer across the water. *I smile and reach for your hand* Come on then, let's head back.

Viggo: *I hold my clothes in one arm and take your hand with the other, smiling at you now you seem back to normal. I still want to know if I did something wrong but decide maybe it's best not to ask*

Orlando: *I swing our hands together lightly as we walk slowly back along the beach, heading back for the apartment*
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